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Nematode-free seed potatoes in Canada

Canada’s seed potatoes nematode free: again

For the third year in a row the Canadian Food Inspection Agency found no sign of potato cyst nematodes (PCN) in its survey of the country’s seed potato production fields. Brian Rex, national manager of the agency’s potato cyst nematode section, says that the agency analyzed 43,200 soil samples and tested about 80 per cent of the Canadian seed potato production area in 2011. Seed potatoes produced on fields that haven’t been surveyed can’t be exported.

The nematode does not pose a risk to human health but is recognized internationally as a quarantined plant pest. PCN are microscopic wormlike organisms. Infestations are usually localized. Signs include yellowing, wilting or death of foliage and small potato tubers. In heavy infestations the cyst nematodes will be clearly visible on the plant’s roots.

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