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Illegal pesticides in Brazil: seizure increases in 2011

Seizure of illegal pesticides in Brazil
increases in 2011

The seizure of illegal pesticides in Brazil increased 91% in 2011. In the first nine months, the Brazilian authorities took down 45 tons of products, compared to 23 tons between January and September of 2010. The increase is due to a national campaign against illegal pesticides. For the last ten years, a public service based on anonymous tips through phone calls has supported a more effective action of the police against this specialized criminal activity. The service number is 55 0800-940-7030.

According to the National Union of Defense Industry of Agricultural Products, from the 45 tons of illegal pesticides that were seized, 58% are fake products, and the remainder result of the contraband from neighboring countries. In the last ten years, almost 400 tons of illegal pesticides were seized and 40 persons convicted due to environmental crimes, tax evasion and contraband.

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