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The Admin – a brief profile

The Admin – a brief Profile

My name is Luiz Carlos Ferraz. I am a 64 year-old Brazilian citizen. I am a member of the Brazilian Nematological Society (BNS) and have owned the website “” since April 2011. I was a teacher of University of São Paulo (ESALQ-USP-Brazil) for almost four decades until my retirement on February 2010. I taught General Zoology and Parasitology for many years to undergraduate students and the discipline Plant Nematology at the post-graduate level, playing the role of formal adviser to approximately 30 graduate students (M. Sc. and Ph.D. degrees).

With this website, I intend to provide not only my colleagues (= professionals and students with interest in the field of Nematology) from Brazil and other countries but people in general with some basic and/or advanced information regarding to these fantastic creatures known as nematodes. And I have soon discovered how pleasant can be the experience of sharing my expertise in Nematology with many other persons through the Internet, particularly those with interest in General Biology but with almost no previous contact with the Nematology as a specialized subject.

I created a number of pages, categories, menus and sections to make easier the search for the comprehensive material made available here. There also external links to several relevant nematological sites. It is expected that the visitor can use the short videos, tutorial-type educational presentations, book reviews and many other informative tools to improve his knowledge in Nematology. Feel free to contribute with comments and/or suggestions and, if you really appreciate the site, also to provide any action that can eventually contribute to increase the number of our visitors. Enjoy the ! 

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