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Rothamsted undergoes restructure

Farmers Guardian – 18 November 2011

Research giant Rothamsted has emerged from its restructuring programme after a series of cuts. Several departments (Nematology, Non-food related Agroecology,  Herbicide Resistance,  Fermentation Microbiology and Anaerobic Digestion) at the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council funded body were axed as the centre battled to save money in the face of reduced Government funding and their staff have been offered voluntary redundancy.

Rothamsted director Maurice Moloney said the centre’s restructuring under the banner ‘Where Knowledge Grows’ has allowed it to ‘move with the times’ and boost crop productivity. “This strategy will deliver the new scientific knowledge which can be translated into robust technologies to improve crop yields, enhance nutrition, contribute to energy security, reduce the carbon-footprint of farming and protect and nurture the agricultural environment”.

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