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International Events on Phytopathology – 2012

List of International Events on Phytopathology – 2012

4th Int. Workshop for Phytophthora, Pythium, and Phytopythium

University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland /21-25 May 2012

Training course on “Detection techniques for mycotoxins and toxigenic fungi in the food chain”

Bari, Italy /28 May 28-1 June 2012

22nd  Int. Conference on Virus and Other Graft Transmissible Diseases of Fruit Crops

Rome, Italy /3-8 June 2012

International Fusarium Laboratory Workshop 2012

Bari, Italy /3-8 June 2012

8th Congress of the French Society for Phytopathology

Paris, France /5-8 June 2012

8th International Workshop on Grapevine Trunk Diseases

Valencia, Spain /8-21 June 2012

Biological Control of Fungal and Bacterial Plant Pathogens, IOBC Working Group Meeting

Reims, France /25-27 June 2012
Contact: Ilaria Pertot (

Int. Conference on Plant and Canopy Architecture Impact on Disease Epidemiology and Pest Development

Rennes, France /1-5 July 2012

7th Australasian Soilborne Diseases Symposium

Fremantle, Western Australia /17–20 September 2012

10th Conference of the European Foundation for Plant Pathology (EFPP) “IPM2.0 Towards future-proof crop protection in Europe”

Wageningen, The Netherlands /1–5 October 2012

1st Int. MPU Workshop Plant Protection for the Quality and Safety of the Mediterranean Diet

Bari, Italy /25-27 October 2012

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