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New article deals with a great decline in nematode biodiversity

Researchers detail new data in Nematology. According to news originating from Ghent, Belgium, provided by Dr. Eyualem Abebe (Photo – Univ. of Ghent, Nematology Unit, Department of Biology), research stated, “We investigated nematode biodiversity and community structure during two time periods, 2002 and 2006, at four sites in the Gulf of Maine within the vicinity of an experimental open ocean aquaculture site. Here we present our findings of this first long-term temporal study in the area on changes in biodiversity and nematode community structure.”

A quote from the research follows: “Our results showed that, over a period of four years, nematode biodiversity declined significantly and nematode community structure changed drastically. Temporal changes were most pronounced but not restricted to the close vicinity of the open ocean aquaculture; sites that were considered control for other and ongoing macrofaunal monitoring also showed a considerable temporal decline in nematode biodiversity. Nematode communities changed so drastically that they grouped closely with multivariate analysis based on year of sampling rather than locality. “The research concluded: “A better grasp of long term biodiversity and community dynamics may give us a more realistic view of benthic ecology in light of the use of meiofauna as indicators of environmental change.”

The paper entitled “Temporal dynamics in nematode biodiversity and community structure at an experimental open ocean aquaculture site, Gulf of Maine, USA” was published in the scientific periodical Russian Journal of Nematology [20(2):127-140, 2012].

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