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Nematoides: post alegre, em clima de carnaval !

Os nossos vorazes nematoides atacam em clima de carnaval !

Australia: new Pratylenchus-resistant wheat available

Australian wheat-breeding companies now have access to several new nematode resistant and tolerant wheat lines, which could enhance the approach to managing these pests in cereal crops. AgriScience Queensland has released five new wheat breeding lines that are both tolerant and resistant to the root-lesion nematode, Pratylenchus thornei. This plant parasite affects two-thirds of Australian northern grain crops and can reduce yield by up to 65 per cent, costing growers $50 million every year.

 “The nematode-tolerant characteristics will mean that the wheats can maximise yields under nematode-infested conditions, and the nematode-resistant characteristics will mean that soil populations should not build up and affect following wheat crops,” said Jason Sheedy, AgriScience Queensland plant pathologist (to the right, photo above). mais…

The Evolutionary History of Nematodes (2011)


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