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“Integrated Pest Management”: Now published/ Já lançado

                       Integrated Pest Management      Integrated Pest Management      Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management is a CABI’s new book, published in July 2012, that deals with advanced techniques available for use in the control of insect pests and different types of plant pathogens under sustainable terms. With 512 pages,  it includes a  special chapter on Entomopathogenic Nematodes. For details and acquisition, click here! // Integrated Pest Management é novo lançamento do CABI, de julho de 2012, com 512 páginas, incluindo capítulos sobre Nematoides Entomopatogênicos e outras técnicas usadas em estratégias de controle de insetos-pragas e de agentes causais de doenças de plantas. Para detalhes e aquisição, clique aqui !    

Microbial insecticides: principles and applications


New BookMicrobial Insecticides: Principles and Applications 

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Editors: J. Francis Borgio (Bangalore, India) K. Sahayaraj (Tamil Nadu, India) I. Alper Susurluk (Turkey) // Nova Publishers mais…

Now available: “Plants, Biotechnology & Agriculture” / CABI

   Plants, Biotechnology and Agriculture  Plants, Biotechnology and Agriculture Plants, Biotechnology and Agriculture Plants, Biotechnology and Agriculture Plants, Biotechnology and Agriculture

 At a time when the world’s food supplies are increasingly unable to meet the needs of a burgeoning population, the subject matter of this book has never been more relevant. At the same time, there is significant diversity of opinion concerning the benefits and perceived dangers of the applications of biotechnology in food production. To help inform this debate, the aim of Plants, Biotechnology & Agriculture is to provide the reader with a comprehensive yet concise overview of plants as both biological organisms and useful resources for people to exploit. mais…